Basement Repair

Do you have bowed walls? Let us straighten them back up!! We have different solutions for everyone’s needs. Viking Builders Inc. is a registered dealer and installer. With our products so let us help you with all of your Basement Solutions!

Gorilla Wall Braces®

Advantages of Gorilla Wall Braces®
to Fix Bowing Basement Walls

  • GorillaWall Braces® are Professional Engineer-Stamped
  • Patented design utilizes three floor joists to increase the pushing strength
  • Works on both perpendicular or parallel basement walls
  • Can be used on new & uncommon construction methods
  • Unique floor bracket requires no removal of concrete floor
  • Engineered to exert force along the wall evenly to eliminate wall shear
  • Works on block and poured walls
  • Exterior excavation is not necessary for most basements
  • GorillaWall Braces® can be installed year-round
  • Installation can usually be completed in one day